The Capitol Huey Built

The Capitol Huey Built

Louisiana Capitol History

Huey long served as Governor of Louisiana in the state capital of Baton Rouge from 1928 to 1932, whereupon he was elected to the U.S. Senate in 1930. Huey Long was a man who knew what he wanted and generally got it; regardless of the methods necessary to do it.

He named himself “Kingfish” because of his status in his home state of Louisiana and to satisfy his enormous ego. Allegations and investigations of graft and corruption riddled his administrations and if not for his “take no prisoners” policies would have crippled his Governorship.

A democrat and radical populist, Long was revered by those who had little to nothing and weren’t likely to get more; as well as those who wanted from someone else what they did not get out and earn for themselves. The reason for his popularity was simple: Governor Long wanted to confiscate the wealth of those who had money and use it to guarantee an income of $5,000 annually (a princely sum in 1928). He also demanded the government provide every American family with a home, job, radio and automobile. He wanted to limit private fortunes to $50 million, legacies to $5 million and annual incomes to $1 million.

Huey Long called his plan the “Share the Wealth Plan” with his slogan, “Every Man a King.”

Many political observers have opined that America will never see someone in government as radical a populist as Huey Long.

Many believe and it seems obvious that Mr. Long was buying votes by promising everyone a share of what the other guy worked so hard to earn. I assert—along with many others—that the current democratic administration is doing the precise same thing today.

Term limits in Louisiana restricted Huey Long to only two terms of irreparable damage to the Capitalist System in that state. Again, as a member of Congress, Louisiana was only one state in the Union and Long was once again limited, this time by his colleagues, to the damage he could inflict.

Today, it’s the President of the United States and his administration with the populist plan: Who’s there to stop them?