Baton Rouge City Climate

Baton Rouge City Climate

Baton Rouge City Atmosphere

With a population of approximately 230,000 as of 2010, Baton Rouge was named in the “Top 10 Places for Young Adults” by Portfolio Magazine. The Brookings Institution ranked Baton Rouge as one of the top 20 cities in North America for economic strength. Finally, in 2009, CNN declared it the 9th best city in the nation to begin a business. Contributing to the animated atmosphere that abounds in Baton Rouge is Louisiana State University – home to over 38,000 students and 1,200 faculty members – is a boon to the city’s economy, diverse population and quality of life.

These attributes combine to stimulate an already vibrant economy in this diverse and exciting capital city and Parish Seat. The state government is the one of the single largest employer’s in Baton Rouge. The city has the furthest inland port on the Mississippi allow access to ocean-going vessels and cargo carriers. Additionally, Baton Rouge has an extensive rail and highway system to speed cargo around the country once it has been offloaded from ships. The petrochemical industry is led by Exxon Mobile which operates the second largest refinery in the nation and attracts people from around the country for jobs in manufacturing and production.

Baton Rouge has emerged as a premier research and treatment center for major hospitals such as Our Lady of the Lake Children’s Hospital and Mary Bird Perkins Cancer Center. The city is being positioned to support a medical corridor similar to other major facilities such as the Texas Medical Center.

The film industry is strong in Baton Rouge with several movies filmed annually. Post production facilities and movie studios are expanding steadily throughout Baton Rouge.

Baton Rouge is a wonderful place to work, study and live life to the fullest.